Campers Code of Ethics

7 C’s – Code of Ethics for our Adirondack Campgrounds in New York

Our Adirondack campgrounds in New York state provide an unforgettable setting for all types of Adirondack camping: rv, tent camping, and Adirondack wilderness camping. Whether you are looking at backwoods getaways, or want to be where all the action is, the camping code of ethics is always important! Savoring the experience and passing it along to other to enjoy has always been part of what makes our campgrounds in New York unique!

We will care about how we camp by being considerate of others in our campground manners.

We will use caution in the use of camping equipment both on the road and at the campsite. We will handle fire and inflammable fuels so as not to endanger others or ourselves. We will improve our camping skills, knowing the right way is the safest way.

We will practice politeness because it is the soothing oil which enhances the camping experience. We will respect the privacy of others, control our children, leash and pick up after our dog. We are never so sensitive to others as when camping – that is why courtesy is so important.

We will be clean in our camping habits and teach our children the importance of cleanliness. We will pick up litter no matter who left it and be proud of the campsite we leave behind.

We will observe the letter and spirit of camping regulations and the rules established to protect our enjoyment of the outdoors. Since camping at its best is sharing, we will work cooperatively with others to make it better for everyone.

We will protect the environment in which we enjoy camping and help those whose job it is to guard and wisely manage our country’s natural resources. We will endeavor to leave a better outdoors for those who follow us.

We will apply common sense to every situation, knowing that reason, understanding and humor make camping better for ourselves and others. We will practice the pleasant outdoor 7C’s Camper’s Code of Ethics as the basic rules of more living.

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