Join The Adirondack Campground Association

The Adirondack Campground Association has been working to assist campgrounds and RV parks in the Adirondack Region for over four decades. ACA Campground membership is open to any privately owned campground or RV park in or near the Adirondack Region of New York State. Eligible campgrounds are required to be registered with the New York State Health Department.

Our association is run by a volunteer board of campground owners that contribute their time, talent and treasures to inspire the betterment of the campground industry in the beautiful Adirondack Mountain region of New York State.

Some of the primary benefits of becoming an ACA member are:

1) Website marketing on

ACA works diligently to position its website on the Internet so it can be found by campers. You may receive e-mail referrals as a member for no additional charge. Several current members of ACA report that they receive more leads from our website that turn into actual visitors than from any other single source. The research speaks for itself. ACA’s website is found by most campers that use search engines to find information on campgrounds and RV parks in the Adirondack region. See for yourself – Google “adirondack campgrounds”, “adirondack rv parks”, “adirondack campsites” and you are likely to find our associations website near the top of the page. Equal results can be found on other popular search queries.

2) ACA is the “official” collective voice of the campground and RV Park industry in the Adirondack Region

When the APA proposed changes to laws affecting campgrounds in the Adirondack Park, NY State Senator Betty Little, NY Assemblywoman Theresa Sayward and the NY State Governor’s Office on Regulatory Reform all turned to ACA for support and guidance. The favorable results (the withdrawal of the APA’s proposed changes) of this process was a victory for the entire industry. ACA was instrumental in winning this victory that benefits all campgrounds. Again, during the Covid-19 pandemic, ACA was called on for advice on how to draft guidelines for the campground industry that benefited the health and safety of guests and staff, as well as, the efficiency and profitability of campground operations.  Our voice is stronger the greater number of members we have.

3) Affordable – great value!

For only 41¢ a day (based on current annual membership dues) can you afford not to be a member of ACA and include in your annual marketing plan? Once you join an additional $100 website listing fee will be charged to add your facility to our associations website. This is a “one-time-only” fee as long as you maintain your membership. Return the enclosed membership application and dues today and start enjoying the benefits of being and ACA member today!

4) Annual Meeting & Networking

We try to gather the membership together at least once a year (either in person or by video conference) to discuss our objectives and future plans. This is a wonderful opportunity for Adirondack campgrounds to visit and pose questions to one another.  We have a great deal in common and can share our experiences to make a stronger private campground industry in the Adirondack Region.

Our campgrounds in New York State have shared goals and much in common. Please consider joining the Adirondack Campground Association today. Please contact Dave King, President, to obtain a membership application or present any questions you may have about becoming a member of ACA.