Adirondack Kids Camping

Kids Love Camping in the Adirondacks

Camping in the Adirondacks is fun for all ages, especially kids! There is plenty to see and do here that will keep the little ones entertained. Believe it or not there are plenty of activities kids will find fun that will keep them entertained for hours. From running around in the dirt, seeing who can do the best cannon balls into the lake, meeting other kids and eating s’mores, the activities are endless.

Top 5 Things To Do While Camping With Kids In The Adirondacks

1) Hiking Trails

Go for a hike, enjoy the scenery and make it an outdoor adventure by exploring new animals and plants. Don’t forget to bring the magnifying glass and binoculars!

2) Cooking S’mores

These delicious treats never fail to please the taste buds of all, young and old – they’re one of the best Adirondack camping recipes! The best part is making them!

3) Camping Scavenger Hunt

There are all sorts of camping games for kids – be creative and have fun. Make a list together of various objects and animals that you will find in the nature and go out and find them. Examples could be: 1) Find a butterfly 2) Find an oak tree 3) Build a fire with sticks (parental supervision, please!) 4) Do a cannonball into the lake 5) Find an orange leaf 6) Use binoculars to find different birds 7) Use a magnifying glass to explore bugs

4) Family Fun Parks

Six Flag’s Great Escape
The Great Escape is a 140-acre theme park featuring awesome rollercoaster rides, great shows, and incredible attractions. Kids will enjoy cooling off in Splashwater Kingdom complete with Paul Bunyan’s Bucket Brigade and a 500,000-gallon wave pool. Waterpark is free paid with park admission.

Water Slide World
Kids love water parks! Located off exit 21 of the Adirondack Northway in Lake George New York, Water Slide World has over 35 water slides and a huge wave pool for your little ones to have a full day of fun in!

5) Action and Fun

There are so many kid friendly activities to do here in the Adirondacks. Kids can meet other kids their age, go swimming in the lake, fishing, rock exploring, hiking, canoeing, searching for shells, barbeque and so much more. They may also want to try different outdoor games such as horseshoes, frisbee, corn hole and volleyball on the beach. The activities are endless!

Below is a checklist of things to bring for kids on your next trip to the Adirondack Campgrounds.


___ Favorite board games and books
___ Underwater Camera
___ Crayons and paper for nature rubbings
___ Whistle
___ I-pod for music
___ Child-size binoculars
___ Child-size backpack
___ Bird, bug, plant identifying books
___ Magnifying glass
___ Cards and games